Designer Stalker Inc.
Role Self Propelled Gun (SPG)
Weight 14 tonnes
Armor 50 / 20 / 10 mm
Primary Armament 105mm Howitzer
Secondary Armament none
Powerplant 11.0L I3 Diesel
Top Speed 18 km/h

Development Edit

The Type-13 is a mobile field artillery unit, equipped with the powerful 105mm howitzer. The vehicle is only lightly armoured and will provide fire support to the front line troops from a safe distance. Instead of carrying artillery units behind other vehicles, Stalker Inc. produced the Type-13 chassis with a cheap, though slightly underpowered engine. As a result the time required to move artillery in place was reduced drastically. The Type-13 was used extensively until the introduction of the Type-23.

Characteristics Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Powerful weapon.
  • Self propelled, decreasing the time required to deploy the artillery drastically.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Slow top speed due to an underpowered engine.
  • Low ammo capacity

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