Leviathan Kukri
Manufacturer Leviathan-Automobile
Designer Admiral Leviathan
Class Five-seat Hatchback
Production 1979-1989
Weight 2113kg / 2.3 Tons
Layout FF
Powerplant 1.4L Inline-4 Special
Top Speed 62 MPH

The Leviathan Kukri is Leviathan-Automobile's attempt to break into the Hot Hatch market.

Build InformationEdit

The Kukri was completed on the 22nd of January, 2015, not long after the completion of the Leviathan Genesis MKI. The early-ACF build growing pains are especially evident by the mistakes made in the construction of this car.

In its stock form, the Kukri uses a 1.4L Special I4 connected to two transaxial gearboxes. This, coupled with the horribly tall gear ratios, means this car accelerates about as well as a cruise ship. Its top speed is decent at 62 MPH, but the time taken to get there means it's not worth it. Also, it doesn't use all of its gears; top speed is hit about 3rd gear-- any gear higher than that can only be used in a tailwind or downhill.

Stock Kukri GalleryEdit

Kukri R27Edit

Leviathan Kukri R27
Manufacturer Leviathan-Automobile
Designer Admiral Leviathan
Class Two-seat Rally Car
Production 1986
Weight 1490kg / 1.6 Tons
Layout M/AWD
Powerplant 1.4L Inline-4 Special
Top Speed 72 MPH

Right from the introduction of the Kukri, a rally version was a necessity. Very early Kuki RS/HF models were forgettable, sporting only slightly improved performance and weighty bodykits. This changed, however, on the 7th of February, when a new, revised Kukri R27 made its debut.

Extensively lightened, streamlined and overall improved, the R27 proved to be a competitive rally car. Although its quick acceleration and high top speed were fearsome on dirt, the car suffers from mediocre performance on paved surfaces. As a result, this car has yet to participate in either a rally or race.

Kukri R27 GalleryEdit

Kukri HC32Edit

Leviathan Kukri HC32
Manufacturer Leviathan-Automobile
Designer Admiral Leviathan
Class Two-seat Time Trial Car
Production 1986
Weight 1114kg / 1.2 Tons
Layout F/AWD
Powerplant 1.4L Inline-4 Special
Top Speed 71 MPH

Nearing the end of the Kukri's lifespan, one last variation of the Kukri chassis was developed on the 2nd of March. Designed for climbing windy, steep roads as fast as possible, the HC32 was made incredibly light, and incredibly fast, which pushed the unmodified 1.4L I4 to the limit. With its wicked fast acceleration and gearing set up for steep hills, the HC32 is very competitive in events even outside hillclimbs.

It has participated in very few events, mostly track days.

Kukri HC32 GalleryEdit

Design InformationEdit

The design of the stock Kukri is inspired by the first generation VW Golf and the Ford Sierra Cosworth.

The modifications on the R27 are inspired by the MG Metro 6r4, the Peugeot 206 T16 and other comparable Group B Rally cars.

The HC32 is inspired by the Suzuki Escudo Dirt Trial Car.

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